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Architectural/Engineering Services in Staten Island, NY

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Creating an ideal, safe, and beautiful home has never been so easy with the residential design and engineering design services provided to you by Calvanico Associates Architectural and Engineering PC in Staten Island, New York.
Residential Design
Know your structure is sound enough to raise the roof. Calvanico Associates Architectural and Engineering PC provides you with new buildings—including tract housing—and a vast array of possible alterations, such as room additions. We will take you through all of the steps and ensure that your custom home meets all zoning codes and requirements.
Engineering Design
Calvanico Associates Architectural and Engineering PC offers you our engineering design services, which encompass structural design, HVAC design, and sewer systems. Our designs are all tailored to fit harmoniously within the structure of your home. When designing the water and sewer systems, we work closely with an environmental protection company and the city to ensure that we always remain "within the lines".
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Sprinkler Design
Save lives and protect your building with a sprinkler system. Using the architectural plans for your building, we will assess the layout, design a sprinkler system that is ideally suited to that particular location, and coordinate it with your existing HVAC. Our sprinkler design will meet or exceed the requirements of the Department of Environmental Protection, the New York Water Department, plus your building's codes.
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Site Engineering, Fluid Designs, & Water Mains
Beautify your building's surroundings with site engineering from Calvanico Associates Architectural and Engineering PC. We will design paving plans and street design, which will coordinate between storm drains, water mains, and sewer lines. All of our designs meet or exceed the standards set by the EPA.
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